Our Story

 By Joy Fine Jewelry is a small and independent studio based in Bangkok Thailand, founded in 2016 by Joy Rozental—a jewelry designer. She is supported by a small team of highly skilled artisans and gemstone experts dedicated to hand making the finest quality jewels.

Born and raised in a small village in north-east Thailand, Joy's passion for jewelry goes right back to when she first moved to the big city of Bangkok to study jewelry design. After meeting her husband (a gemstone manufacturer) she was fortunate to have been exposed to his world—one filled with a wonderful and unique array of natural gemstones. Now, working in partnership together, Joy’s newfound love for these uncommon gems has meant that she has made it her mission to feature these stones in settings that celebrates their unique qualities.

Joy is focused on creating minimal, timeless and bespoke pieces that can be enjoyed by everyone featuring ethically sourced gemstones and diamonds and handmade using sustainably sourced materials. All of our gemstones are personally sourced by our team as roughs (mainly from Madagascar), taken to the in-house studio, quality checked and then cut and polished by our artisans with a strong focus on perfect proportions and excellent clarity. From sketches on paper to the final piece we are there at every step of the production process.

Our jewels were made to be loved, we are very grateful to each and every one of you that have chosen us to become a part of your special moments and occasions.